showcasing of a blockchain-based decentralized energy marketplace prototype

With our background in the energy industry and as former employee of the digital unit of e.on, Timo was invited to present the e.on futurelabs' Energy Pool project at the Blockchain Day 2018 - a gathering of technology enthusiasts working on the future of energy. Since the very beginning of blockchain showing up at the horizon of technology trends, e.on began evaluating and protoyping different use-cases, especially in terms of decentralization and the efficient handling of renewable energy sources in smart grids.

As an e.on employee, Timo worked on a feasability study of a blockchain-based decentralized energy billing / distribution system and implemented a prototype based on the Ethereum network with JavaScript and Solidity Smart Contracts, together with his colleagues Elisabeth and Manuel. The prototype was set up on several Raspberry Pi IoT devices, which were used as a representation of households and energy provider. The decentralized virtual energy pool tracked the generation and feed-in of renewables in the local grid. Based on demand and supply, an algorithm created a fair distribution of shares and payments for each participant.

>>blockchain’s ability to make even the smallest transactions economically viable ultimately entails new degrees of freedom<<

-- bdew study on blockchain in the energy sector