a full-service cash desk with your smartphone

Withdrawl and deposit money, pay invoices or receive refunds via your smartphone. As a pioneer in the fintech area, viafintech offers a wide range of solutions for handling your cash payments. Hereby, viacash is the most famous product allowing people to easily carry out and receive payments like refunds or withdrawl cash from your account. Everything can be done via a standard barcode either embedded in your favorite apps such as N26 or Amazon or with a payment slip from viacash. Today, viacash payments are accepted in more than 16.000 shops only in Germany. Sounds cool and convenient? It is. That's why they started expanding into Europe. For that matter, we created the new European customer brand viacash - playable across all channels to guide the user through the online and offline procedures of payments by viafintech.

davids freunde developed therefore the new brand design including brand positioning. In an iterative process, together with viafintech, we used insights from culture, target audience, market and brand so that we have finally created an all-encompassing, contemporary brand that appeals to the customer in all ways. Keeping in mind that the target audience might not be digital natives, we focused on simple structures in design and on already learned patterns on their website.

On the technical side davids freunde provided viafintech custom elements based on modern frontend frameworks paired with a reliable infrastructure setup in order to quickly scale up loads on selected days.

>>Etwas mehr blau wäre gut.<<

-- Requirements Engineering @ davids freunde

cashing out loud

With its products, viafintech is changing the classic way of handling cash - and we should understand that. Whether as an integrated solution for banks, as a payment method in online shops or for the distribution of public funds - the contact points with Germany's largest independent payment infrastructure are extensive and different.

The figurative mark is conceptually oriented an EAN barcode - the technical enabler of the product and thus the infrastructural core. A bar code like this is stylistically limited to a few core mechanics. So this is, from differently wide, horizontal Lines, which are arranged side by side with the first two lines being longer than those following to the right. This stylistics is thus in an interpreted form in of the figurative mark again. The elements result from an adjustment of the values in the word mark, so that a very homogeneous overall picture is created.

As a result, we get a simple, recognizable brand that stands out during shopping. What the brand is supposed to convey, we learned from employee opinions and refined it several iterations. Based on this, we designed and implemented the end customer homepage. We find our way around a construct of different payment opportunities and how to use them. Contemporary graphics and intuitive elements makes it easy for their customers to understand the payment method of viacash.