corporate design and web development for an europe-wide expanding fintech

With its products, viafintech is changing the classic way of handling cash. Whether as an integrated solution for banks, as a payment method in online shops or for the distribution of public funds - the contact points with Germany's largest independent payment infrastructure are extensive and different. Viafintech offers several financial services as a whitelabel solution, which gives cash money a new apparel and leads it into a new digital age.

Davids Freunde took over the creation of an international brand identity for viafintech, formerly known as Barzahlen, to support the expansion throughout the European market. By using an iterative approach, as well as close collaboration with the customer, we delivered very-well tailored products, like the corporate manual or the responsive website, which emphasize the companies future-oriented image.

>>So wie die Seite jetzt aussieht, hätten wir es auch selbst hinbekommen<<

-- Kunde @ davids freunde

consistent is key

Through a uniform corporate naming, the word "via" is always in the foreground of the current and perspective product names as well as the umbrella brand "viafintech" above it. The resulting sequence is used to give the visual design of the brand a visual bracket, which is used repeatedly. The visual emphasis is thus on the prefix "via", which achieves a high degree of conciseness through a heavy typeface and thus becomes a consistent brand core. The second part defines in a descriptive way the product, or in this case the brand behind it. The light typography of the underlying part of the word mark creates a dynamic in the logo, which together is perceived as young and dynamic. The suffix is perceived as a visual unit by means of coordinated letters. Ligatures were set in such a way, in order to further enhance this impression.

viacash and viafintech position themselves as a self-confident, professional brand, which is also communicated via the colour palette. The fresh and offensive green frees the brand from the dusty banking-image and transfers it to a modern lifestyle brand. Supported is this reception by the strong blue tone, which gives profile and like no other colour stands for trust and security. This connection brings two positively connotated tones together, so that a consistent Picture is created. The colour world is supported and supplemented by a light grey tone and a black with a deep blue hue. This enhances the professional image of brand reception.